Hands-free Use of EMRs for Dictation and Navigation

  • Increases Physician Productivity
  • Improves Patient Care
  • Eliminates Transcription
  • Maximizes Reimbursement
  • Allows Faster Adoption of EMR Workflow

Physicians Using an EMR… Physicians Using Dragon Medical with An EMR…
Spend more time on documentation than via handwriting or transcribed dictation Reduces clinician time spent documenting care
Complain their notes aren’t in their own words Allows doctors to dictate a personalized patient narrative unique to each patient—right in the EMR
Spend more time focused on the computer than the patient Frees them up to focus on the patient
Find their already-long days are further lengthened as typing in an EMR is slower than talking Dictate each note and complete it prior to seeing the next patient. Physicians using Dragon Medical leave on time with their notes signed.
Turn physicians into typists  Dictate by voice in their own words
Complain the notes are less detailed than dictating or typing Find their notes are longer, more complete, and often justify  higher reimbursement

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