Dragon® Medical One and eClinicalWorks®

are now even better together!

Now, you can use Dragon Medical One to dictate your patient narrative directly into eClinicalWorks’ Scribe program, and use the command capabilities that come with Scribe to access Templates and Order Sets within eClinicalWorks.

When properly set up, and used in conjunction with a Dragon Medical software license, the Scribe Program from eClinicalWorks allows Dragon Medical software users to generate comprehensive Patient Notes and use voice based commands to complete many documentation tasks. Scribe can convert dictation completed with Dragon Medical technology into structured data and then place text within the appropriate fields inside the eClinicalWorks EMR.

You will also enjoy all the benefits that typically come with using
Dragon Medical One with an EMR including:

  • Reduced EMR Documentation Time Penalty
  • Creation of less ambiguous or generic looking patient records than with basic “point and click” technology
  • Improved reimbursements with more detailed and complete documentation and reduced likelihood of an audit
  • Eliminated monthly transcription bills
  • Reduced time spent on patient documentation
  • Put the focus back on the patient
Dragon Medical One and eClinicalWorks

Note: Each provider will need their own license of Dragon Medical One, and their own Scribe license. Scribe and Dragon Medical software are separate programs and are NOT included with eClinicalWorks Version 10. Scribe must be purchased through eClinicalWorks; however, Dragon Medical One may be purchased directly through us. Scribe requires that your eClinicalWorks EMR program be set up properly to accommodate all of it’s features. Scribe is NOT required in order to use Dragon Medical with the eClinicalWorks EMR program. Dragon Medical may also be used to dictate directly into eClinicalWorks without the use of Scribe, or any other add on program.

We sell, support and train practices and their providers on Dragon Medical dictation technology. We also provide consulting, training, workflow optimization, billing and customized set up for the eClinicalWorks EMR/PM software suite.

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