Dragon Medical One + Neurology

Great documentation comes in small practices

EMR Neurology

Improve care efficiency.

Dragon Medical One offers virtually instant response time, saving clinicians valuable minutes in their day

Reduce transcription and the cost of documentation.

Eliminate as much as $12,000 in annual transcription costs with speech recognition technology.

Spend more time
with patients.

Increased accuracy means fewer errors to correct, which lets clinicians spend more time with patients, improving both quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Improve documentation.

Documentation with Dragon Medical speech recognition technology results in higher rates of reimbursement.

Neurology Speech Recognition
Dragon Medical Neurology

Speech Recognition with Real Brainpower

Dragon® Medical One is the next generation of speech recognition technology, allowing Neurologists to record every component of the neurological examination.

Assessment of the patient’s cognitive function, cranial nerves, motor strength, sensation, and reflexes can all be dictated and transcribed with accuracy and speed using Dragon Medical software. There is no disorder, procedure, or terminology too complex for the intuitive capabilities of Dragon Medical technology. Now you can create research notes and patient records for common conditions like headaches, stroke, dementia, and seizures, or more complex subspecialties like brain injury, clinical neurophysiology, and neuromuscular disabilities. With Dragon Medical One, Neurologists can speak in their own words to create clinical documentation, communicate with referring physicians, establish a more efficient workflow, and enjoy a more profitable practice. Just imagine the time you will save by eliminating the frustration of repetitive mouse clicks and typing.

EMR Neurology

From the physical to the neurological exam, Dragon Medical One empowers Neurologists by helping to streamline their workflow, allowing for more accurate and complete patient record documentation in less time, and even lessening the EMR documentation time penalty that all EMRs impose on the documenting provider.

Neurology Speech

Dragon Medical One

With over 90 specialty and subspecialty vocabularies that cover over 50,000 medical terms, Dragon Medical One offers Neurologists a new level of speech recognition support.

With a faster engine and expanded Neurology vocabularies, you can create speech-to-text documents three times faster than typing, with more than 99 percent accuracy, even on the first use. Dragon Medical One helps Neurologists become more efficient in their practice, fulfill stage 2 Meaningful Use criteria within their EHR, and achieve higher reimbursement levels more quickly. Make an investment in your practice that delivers a real ROI.

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Dragon Medical One Features

More Accurate Than Ever

Powered by the latest in speech recognition technology, Nuance® Dragon® Medical One achieves 99% accuracy out of the box without voice profile training—
significantly outperforming previous versions.

Medical Vocabularies

Covers nearly 90 specialties and subspecialties.

Simplified setup

Upgrade existing voice profile settings and begin using the new and improved locally-installed speech engine in as little as 60 seconds.

Superior transcription

Transcribe audio recordings in fewer steps with increased accuracy.

EHR Support

Navigate and dictate inside EHR software: History of Present Illness, Review of Systems, and Assessment and Plan.

Optimized for portable touchscreens

Touch and keyboard interactions work seamlessly on highly mobile Windows 10 touchscreen devices. Open and interact with the DragonBar by touch.