(Note: This video demonstrates potential usage of The Phillips Handheld Digital Dictation Recorder used in conjunction with  SpeechExec Pro Software and Dragon Medical Practice Edition software.  This is the easiest workflow for busy providers to use, especially if you are currently paying out thousands of dollars a year to a medical transcription service.  This workflow is well suited for all types of physicians and clinicians that 1) currently DO NOT have an EHR 2) Dictate frequently while on rounds or while out of the office 3) Are currently using a dictation service and paying out $$$each month 4) May be a more experienced provider and simply want a workflow that they are used to, so they can focus on their patients 5) Psychiatrists, Psychologists and all types of Counselors .   Please note that you MUST utilize a PC with this hardware and software. Our  Dragon Medical trainers will work with you to best utilize Dragon Medical with your existing office workflow.  We can also train an administrative person in your office to handle the editing and back end workload, so that you, as a provider can be fully “hands off” the documentation process and be free to focus on your patients.  Clinical dictations can be built directly into Dragon Medical and are customizable.)